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Impact Doors Fort Lauderdale

Do you get nervous every time a strong thunderstorm blows through?

Does the thought of hurricane season terrify you?

By taking advantage of the impact doors from All American Windows and Doors, you won’t have to be so afraid of Mother Nature!

The sliding glass doors and French doors that you have look great and give you a great view of the tropical paradise outside.  However, they’re also a weak spot for your Ft. Lauderdale home.  If you want the best of both worlds – a great view and protection from the elements – call All American Windows and doors… We’re Ft. Lauderdale’s choice for impact doors!

What makes our impact doors different?

Home and business owners around Ft. Lauderdale choose our impact doors because they’re made with hurricane-proof glass.  Instead of worrying that the outside elements will cause your doors to shatter, break, and let the storm into your home, our impact doors can handle anything that flies at them!

Because All American Windows and Doors is a full-service glass company, you can rest easy knowing that your impact doors will be manufactured with state-of-the-art Tecnoglass.  Our experts will handle every detail – from the manufacturing process, to the installation… That’s a lot more than the average “installers” do!

And, at All American Windows and Doors, we can handle any type of glass door that you need – from sliding glass doors, to French doors, to glass storefront doors.  That way, your home and business can be safe the next time the skies over paradise get dark and stormy!

As an added benefit, more people are opting for impact doors in Ft. Lauderdale because they are so energy efficient.  Because they are stronger than traditional glass, you can count on your impact doors to keep heat out during the summer and cold air out during the winter… Imagine the money you could save in energy costs!

Don’t leave your home’s safety to chance… Find out what the leading impact doors in Ft. Lauderdale can do for you by calling All American Windows and Doors today at (954) 773-2019!

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